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Amid the pandemic, there are flowers.

Hi, I’m Rana, owner & designer at Aura Design, a Montreal based flower shop I’ve been running and operating with my mom for the last couple of years. 

As my first blog, I felt compelled to cover the big elephant in the room: COVID-19. Being a small business owner, I’ve spent enough time studying the effects of this viral virus, spreading amongst us like wildfire. I’ve come to the realization that it’s been having as much of a negative impact on our general state of mind than it has on our economies. In an attempt to counter that, I have found solace in putting all my focus on the positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the environment and at a more personal level, on me. Being quarantined and with plenty more time on my hands left to reflect, I have a much deeper yearning for the smaller, more beautiful things in life. The things that are growing inside or around us, that we fail to appreciate & nurture during normal times, with our hectic schedules. 


As I went back to work with my mom a few weeks ago (luckily), I couldn’t help but notice the mesmerizing impact that being surrounded by flowers had on me. It was as if I was strolling among a rose garden and splurging in the scent of nature’s most beautiful gift. Seeing tulips in all hues, magnificent orchids, blush peonies, all evoked the most uplifting memories and thoughts I had never had before. I can’t tell you how much that moment made me deeply appreciate what I do for a living. 

With a virus rapidly spreading, it sometimes might feel like the natural world is trying to kill us. Flowers and plants are an important reminder that there’s still beauty to be found out there — it’s not all contagion and risk.

Amid all this turmoil surrounding us, all we need is to wake up and smell the flowers.

Aura Design is a family-owned flower shop based in Montreal. Founded over 10 years ago, it holds the highest reputation in the floral industry and offers its loyal clientele the most sumptuous designs that have been featured in various wedding magazines. Shop our arrangements at for the best in Montreal floral design!